Karin Chandler Licensed Marriage, Family + Child Therapist
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Licensed Marriage, Family + Child Therapist


workshopsKarin teaches a range of techniques that support children and teens in classroom settings and other organizations that focus on supporting children.

Parenting Workshops:

Learn techniques for effective parenting.  Understand the developmental and specific needs of each child and develop a system that incorporates the specific needs and culture of your family.  Understand ways to motivate and support your child or children effectively, while building and supporting healthy self-esteem.  Feel the support of other parents who can relate to challenging circumstances and see ways to thrive even in situations that once felt impossible to manage. Learn effective and impactful parenting in a short period of time.  These workshops are game changers for most parents and can truly enrich the entire family as a result of it’s influence.


Educational Workshops:

Teaching strategies to support kids with all kinds of issues, to thrive in a variety of educational settings.  Learn new teaching style and techniques that will reach each child and support their educational needs.  Find new ways to contain groups of children and teens, effectively, while they focus on learning.  Support self esteem and confidence while encouraging effective learning and intellectual confidence.


Children’s Groups:


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