Licensed Marriage, Family + Child Therapist


Karin Chandler is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist recognized as an innovative, energetic and effective practitioner, workshop presenter and author.

Karin and her team specialize in supporting and educating children, their parents and teachers to create better lives. Read more about Karin…

Professional Reference for Karin

“Karin Chandler is an excellent psychotherapist specializing in work with challenged children and their families.  She has many years of experience, and many patients who have improved from their work with her and are grateful to her for years afterward.  Her training is excellent and she continues to learn from the latest well conducted research and from other specialists in her field.  Karin is unique in her capacity for warmth and deep empathy with the painful difficulties presented to her in the lives of her patients. Karin is open to new experience and is dedicated to improving communication and completing the work even in the most difficult situations. If you choose to work with Karin, you are in very good hands.”

Suzanne Wagner, Ph.D

Jungian Analyst practicing in Sausalito, California

“I have worked and collaborated with Karin Chandler for over 18 years. Besides being a wonderful colleague, she possesses a combination of qualities that contribute to her being one of the best in her field. Ms. Chandler is insightful, genuine, compassionate, bright, and current with best therapeutic practices. She flexibly adapts to the needs of the children, teens, and families that she works. She has longstanding experience working with family systems, social groups, and schools, which is exceptional relative to many in our field. Those who have the opportunity to work with her will find themselves quite fortunate!”

Bernadette Evans-Smith, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist Assistant Professor, Department of Behavioral Sciences at Rush University, Chicago, IL

“Karin Chandler has helped countless children, adolescents, and parents for more than 25 years.  Alongside the warmth and empathy family counseling requires, she brings great intelligence, imagination, and and creativity to her family practice, and closely follows her field’s ever-developing research. I’ve known her for many years and have admired her growing understanding of the twists and turns, the ups and downs, and the complex adventures of family dynamics.”

Michael Murphy

Founder, Esalen Institute

“Karin Chandler has worked with me for many years in Gestalt.  She is devoted to supporting the lives of children, adolescents, and their parents.  She has been practicing in her field for over 25 years, has taught parenting workshops throughout the Bay Area and is consequently now recognized as an expert at innovative and effective parenting.  She is very personable, heartfelt and excellent in her work.  I am recommending her whole-heartedly as a therapist.”


Mariah Fenton Gladis

Founder/Director of the Pennsylvania Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training

“Karin Chandler has an extensive yoga practice along with a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and overall fitness.  I have admired her ability to integrate the emotional, psychological and behavioral health in children and teens into her practice by incorporating not only her vast clinical expertise, but her in-depth knowledge of physical fitness and overall health practices.  I’ve seen her work with children who would typically be put on medication using her wellness approach and created a lifestyle where the child not only does not need medication, but begins to thrive in ways that a medicated child would not be able to.  I wish more clinical practitioners used this approach to helping children, teens and their parents create thriving lifestyles.  I really believe this is how mental health issues should be treated.”

Edward Vilga

Internationally Recognized Yoga Teacher & Bestselling Author

“Karin Chandler is a gifted champion for children and teens. Witnessing her love and devotion for them is an honor. I’m so glad for the children and parents who are blessed to work with her.”

Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

(aka SARK)

“Karin Chandler has worked with Beyond Differences for the past 5 years as a member of our Advisory Council for Adolescent Therapists and School Counselors. And is the founding Co-Chair of our organization. Beyond Differences is an organization dedicated to ending social isolation among students in middle school. Karin’s work with our Teen Board of Directors, now made up of 32 high school students, reveals her dedication to helping teens feel a sense of inclusion and community. Her time and energy, generously donated as a volunteer, has made a significant impact on the Teen Board and her workshops are consistently ranked as a favorite of the students’ on their program evaluations. We have been grateful to have Karin’s heartfelt support of our student leaders as well as our overall mission to create a community that allows all students to feel accepted and valued.”

Laura Talmus

President/Co-Founder of Beyond Differences

“Karin Chandler is an excellent therapist with over 20 years of experience and expertise in working with children, teens and their parents.  She also works in direct collaboration with teachers and other educators to develop effective educational programs for kids in schools.  Karin’s special gift is a deep capacity to connect with children on multiple levels. This connection allows her to engage them in playful and serious work that ultimately supports their healing, resilience, and their relationships  with peers, teachers and parents,  She is trusted and respected in our community and I would recommend her work to anyone who would like to help their child thrive.”

Brigid Barron, PhD

Professor, Stanford School of Education

“I’ve know Karin for years, as a friend and colleague. Her approach to her work is fastidious and committed. She dedicates her self to seeing families through difficult circumstances and is very successful at navigating rough terrain. I would trust her with any referral.”

Cary Dakin , Phd

“I trust and respect Karin Chandler with any of my patients.  She has a cutting edge style that most therapists do not and is willing and able to look at all aspects of a patients life and lifestyle in order to bring the best results possible. She is thorough, extremely knowledgeable and highly attuned to the needs of the children and parents she works with.  I highly recommend her work.”

Elizabeth Large, ND